2016, Goodbye

2016 was rough. So rough. So super, super rough. Not just on me, but on a lot of people I love. Lets recap:

  • My husband had three different jobs.
  • I was in the hospital at 24 weeks with a threatened placental abruption for 10 days.
  • I bled from the first of January until I gave birth in April with a very small 2 week break.
  • I had a baby at 33weeks gestation, who then had a 12 day hospital stay, where she couldn’t meet her (very anxious) sisters.
  • The alternator went out in our van. Our heat pump died. Our washing machine died. Three things that can’t really wait to be purchased.
  • I was on bedrest for basically the first 5 months of the year. Then I had a super high needs preemie, who had to have her tongue and lip tie revised.
  • My oldest broke her arm.
  • I have lingering back issues, probably from the 5 months of bedrest.

When you type it all out, I’m not quite sure how we survived the year. I don’t understand how my husband and I are closer than ever, really. I don’t understand how we have the happiest, healthiest 8 month old in the world. Looking at this past year, we shouldn’t be where we are.

But my husband is happy at this job. My business is BOOMING. My babies are healthy, and happy. My house is semi in order. I have a car that runs, a washing machine that cleans (it is part of the recall though, so boooooo there), and heat and air conditioning in my house. Yes, we’re farther in debt than we were. But not as much as we could have been.

God is amazing. That’s the one thing that is really easy to look back over the past 12 months and see. It’s easy (now!!!) to see his hand in everything. At the time, we were floundering. We were drowning. We were crying out for him to PLEASE HELP us. And he was. Oh, he was. But it took a bit to see that. All those job changes led to Carl being better prepared for his job now. Our baby came exactly when she needed, and was perfectly healthy and a BIG size for her gestation.Those hospital stays got us a healthy baby. K’s broken arm was SO minor. My chiropractor is fixing my back slowly. WE ARE ALIVE. We are thriving. God got us through.

We’re not super active in the church right now. It’s a season of life where someone is always sick, or I’m just a paranoid mess about the baby getting sick, or there are chiropractor visits to attend… It’s a season. But even if we don’t make it to church much this year, I hope we can continue to show God to our girls. To preach his goodness, his love, the gospel of Jesus to our babies.

I have hope for 2017. I have faith that it will be amazing. I can’t wait to look back this time next year, and see God’s hand in it.


About backwoodsmusical

20 something, married to my high school sweetheart. Mom of 4 girls. Loves ice cream, coffee, and curling up with a good book. Hates celery, beer and dishes. Living and loving in Appalachia.
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